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Philip K. Dick

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ENGL 428
Major Writers
Summer 2005

This summer in Dr. Simon’s class we focused in on two very different authors, Philip K. Dick and Kim Stanley Robinson. We read examples of each author in two different genres. First we explored “alternate history” books written by the pair, and then my first experience into the reading of “science fiction.”

First we were introduced to Philip K. Dick and his work “The Man in the High Castle.” This was Dick’s wild imagination exploring a post-World War II World that saw the Axis winning the war. I immediately drew affection towards his writing style and his book. We then followed that reading with Robinson’s “The Years of Rice and Salt.” This way too long novel is an alternate history that looks at the world after the black plague, but imagines the twist of 95% of Europe being wiped out. His long rants and detail packed book get in its way of appealing to me.

Our second readings for class were Dick’s the “Simulacra”, a weird and twisting view of the president being a robot, and Robinson’s “Red Mars,” part of his Mars Trilogy (Green, Blue)

I once again found Dick to be the more appealing author. Dick is how I like my writing, short, concise, and to the point.

Our final project for ENGL 428 was creating a website for the author of our choice. I had no doubts in my head that I wanted to focus on Philip K. Dick, so I have designed a site that will give you my opinions and thoughts and let you explore Dick, his other works, and some interesting science fiction and alternate history sites, including those of Mr. Robinson.

Philip K. Dick